Plytech’s hard-wearing and aesthetically-pleasing ply products were an easy choice for furniture, cabinetry and shelving throughout Canopy Cancer Care’s new clinic in Takapuna.

Canopy Cancer Care is a leading provider of private cancer treatment in New Zealand with four clinics in North Island locations. They recently moved their North Shore centre into a new state-of-the-art Takapuna clinic to meet the growing need for oncology and haematology services in North Auckland.

To ensure the best care for patients, materials selected for the clinic needed to be hygienic and hardwearing while at the same time stylish and comfortable. When it came to surfaces, cabinetry and furniture, ease of cleaning was also important. “Our clinics are cleaned five or six days a week plus continuously throughout the day, so we’ve got to have a product that copes with that,” explains Andrea Edwards, IT, Facilities and Project Manager at Canopy Cancer Care.

With that in mind, Plytech’s Polaris HPL, Futura HPL and Birch Elite ply were used throughout the facility for furniture, cabinetry and shelving designed by Focusplan and Jane Pilkington of Pilkington 6 Design, and manufactured by Franz Starkl Limited.

Andrea says that the choice to use Plytech’s pre-finished ply products was an easy one — they’d already used them in the past, so had seen first-hand how durable they are. “We used Plytech in our Epsom clinic that was completed about seven years ago, so we know it stands the test of time,” she says. She adds that the look of the ply products was also attractive for the project, and helps create a connection across their Auckland clinics.

For the reception area, Plytech Birch Elite was selected, creating a warm, welcoming entrance to the clinic. A geometric ply reception desk adds architectural flair to the space, while ply panels behind create a warm, neutral backdrop.

For areas where hygiene and durability were critical, Plytech Futura HPL and Plytech Polaris HPL were used. The high-pressure laminate of the ply panels provides lasting durability, while the attractive edge detail adds a point of interest to cabinetry and furniture. Franz Starkl Ltd coated all edges with eight coats of polyurethane to ensure not only a great finish, but also longevity of the the product.

Andrea was particularly pleased with the anti-fingerprint surface Plytech Polaris HPL — a low maintenance matt laminate with thermal healing properties. “We especially liked how the Polaris is more fingerprint-proof than what we’d used previously,” says Andrea. “Wherever possible, we used Polaris.” In total, approximately 90 sheets of black Polaris and 8 sheets of white Polaris were used throughout the fit-out.

By once again choosing Plytech, Canopy Cancer Care North Shore now benefits from a modern new clinic with attractive and long-lasting surfaces and furniture. “The finish we’ve got in the clinic is exceptional, we’re really happy with it,” says Andrea. “It looks good, is easy to clean and will stand the test of time.


Polaris is smooth and velvety to the touch, with a unique edge detail that is unlike anything on the market.

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