Polaris HPL was used for desktop surfaces, providing a stylish matt black finish without the worry of fingerprints or marks.

Bettle & Associates is an advertising and marketing agency with a creative approach to the way they do business. The agency has recently relocated to a new office designed by Edwards White Architects — a building with refined architecture, a large open office space and stunning views of the Waikato. For the interior fit-out, spatial designers Designwell were contracted to create a modern, refined interior that would be a fit match for the new building, and the agency’s creative style.

“The Bettle & Associates office is designed for studio members to share and cross-pollinate ideas,” explains Alexander Wastney, Designwell. “That informed the general layout.” A key component of that layout is a large communal table that runs down the length of the office — providing a space for collaboration, as well as an area for the firm to present ideas to clients.

For the desk surface, Wastney wanted to use black to tie in with exterior elements of the building — a challenge for any working surface as black materials are known for leaving fingerprints and marks. “That’s where Polaris came in,” says Wastney. Plytech’s Polaris HPL in matt black was specified for the desks and shelving. Each piece was designed to have the same look and feel, with tubular steel legs and brass caps complementing the matt surface.

“The fact Polaris doesn’t leave fingerprints is pretty amazing for a black product,” says Wastney. “It’s warm and soft to touch with a nice matt finish that’s really desirable, and the plywood edge when exposed creates an elegant detail for office furniture. It becomes a feature piece in the office.”

Wastney adds that the large sheet format makes Polaris a very cost-effective material. “The beauty about Polaris is that it comes in a jumbo sheet size of 3000 x 1250mm,” he says. “Offcuts from the sheet material were used for shelving. It’s a very efficient product when it comes to designing and building furniture.”

For Bettle and Associates, the final result is a sleek, modern office with smooth black surfaces that are practical yet stylish. “Having custom furniture made from Polaris adds a refined look and feel to a really nicely designed building,” says Wastney.


Polaris is smooth and velvety to the touch, with a unique edge detail that is unlike anything on the market.

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