Plytech’s Futura HPL adds drama and depth to projects with its striking multi-ply edge detail and premium Egger laminate.

More than just plain plywood, Plytech’s Futura HPL is a pre-finished European Birch plywood panel with a multi-ply edge detail and superior decorative laminate from Egger.

Futura HPL can be used in multiple applications, from office and shop fittings, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry to worktops, shelves and furniture. The multi-ply edge detail is a standout feature, making Futura HPL suitable for a diverse range of architectural projects. The pre-finished panel is rigid and stable, preventing twisting and warping. It is hygienic, easy to clean and performs well in wet areas.

Each panel is finished on both faces with a premium high-pressure laminate from Egger, Germany. Available in an attractive colour palette, Futura HPL will work in with existing decors, or provide a point of difference in new designs.

The multi-ply edge can be finished with a clear coat, allowing the intricate detail of the Birch veneer lay-up to add dimension and interest to each project.

Futura HPL

European Birch plywood finished on both faces with a premium hard-wearing decorative laminate produced by Egger in Germany.

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