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  • ArmourFloor Engineered Timber Overlay

    Big River’s Uncoated Engineered Australian Hardwood Flooring is manufactured exclusively in Australia by the Big River Group.

    Every board is engineered from five layers of Australian eucalypt hardwood sheets bonded together to form a solid, stable floorboard. Each layer has its grain aligned at right-angles to the next, creating an extremely stable structure.

    The special cross-ply manufacturing process creates boards with the genuine beauty of forest timbers but with greater resistance to shrinkage than solid timber boards. Armourfloor® hardwood flooring remains stable in air-conditioned environments, over heated slabs and adjacent to patio doors and floor-to-ceiling windows.

    All Big River engineered flooring is milled from managed regrowth and plantation forest hardwoods. Big River hardwood flooring is Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) Chain of Custody certified.

    Engineered Overlay is supplied “raw” without coating for installation and then is sanded and polished on site as a traditional timber floor. However unlike solid timber flooring, Engineered Overlay:

    • Does not require a plywood underlay or subfloor
    • Can be directly stuck to concrete floors
    • Does NOT require on-site acclimatisation
    • Does NOT requires face fixing at 138mm or 189mm widths
    • Comes with a 25-year stability warranty – NO unsitely gaps.
  • Specifications
  • Big River’s Uncoated Engineered Australian Hardwood Overlay Flooring is available in board widths of 138mm and 189mm. Standard length is generally 1800mm but boards can be supplied up to 2400mm, subject to availability. Flooring packs delivered to site always include 40% random lengths to assist in flooring layout.

    Engineered Overlay is supplied “raw”, completely uncoated. Waterbased, solvent based, oil and wax floor coatings can be used Engineered Overlay.

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