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Fomwork Accessories
  • Overview
  • Big River supplies a full range of Formwork accessories including:

    • Nails
    • Saw Blades
    • Artista Columns
    • Hardwood Pegs
    • Silicone
    • Steel Strapping, Crimpers, Tensioners and Dispensers
    • Shoring systems, including vertical props, Jacks, U-Heads, Frames, Stillages, Braces,
    • Formply edgeboards
    • Prop Stillages
    • Wing Nuts
    • Z Bars
    • Braces
    • Condiuts
    • and lots more.

    Contact your local branch to discuss your formwork accessory needs.

  • Specifications
  • Please refer to your local branch for a full list of formwork accessories and specifications

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