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  • Overview
  • Big River is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of timber laminated beams, LVL beams and I-Joists from leading brands such as Carter Holt Harvey and Tillings.

    Our LVL and I-Beam range includes timber and laminated beams for rafters, floor joists, lintels, framing, and roof trusses. Leading products include Carter Holt Harvey’s hySPAN and hyJOIST, and Tilling’s SmartJoist and SmartLVL 15/18. Our Laminated Beams includes Pine 17C, Hardwood 18C and 21C.

    Big River can provide design advice to ensure the right specification of beams for your building job. Contact your local branch to discuss design and engineering requirements. We can supply to all parts of Australia, and our strong relationships with the leading manufacturers ensure we offer the most competitive prices.

    For more information on LVL and our full range of building materials visit Big River’s Building Products website.


  • Specifications
  • Big River’s LVL, I-Beams and Laminated Beams are supplied according to specification.

    Maximum Lengths:

    • LVL and I-Joists can be supplied to 13.2m
    • Laminated Beams can be supplied up to 15.6m

    Please contact your local branch to design and engineering requirements.

  • Downloads
  • Please refer to Big River’s Building Products website for more information, brochures & MSDS on LVL, I-beams and laminated beams.

    Hyne Brochures


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    Hyne Laminated Timber Products

    Hyne MSDS

    Glue Laminated Australian Hardwood
    Glue Laminated Non treated Softwood